Starting a creative business can be daunting, but keeping it in motion and constantly changing with growth is even scarier! Life as an entrepreneur and small business owner can be incredibly isolating and lonely. We have days when we’re high on life, feeling like we are answering our calling and some days we just want to crawl in bed and hide! It comes in waves, but mostly it’s like adulting… we make it up as we go, live off trial and error, spend most of our time googling things and no matter what, keep pushing forward!

As a veteran #workshopholic I’ve spent the last couple of years investing in photography + business education. I’ve traveled the country and met some amazing, passionate business owners along the way! I crave these workshops + conferences to simply be surrounded by hearts that understand my passion. It’s important to find your tribe and not only continue your education, but to fill your cup! My family is very supportive, but I can only chat about #hashtags + album pricing for a short time before they glaze over!

After attending over a dozen workshops my business sort of plateaued. I gained confidence and so much information from these experiences and the implementation helped my business boom… but I needed more. I wanted to learn more about passive income, affiliation programs, opening up a shop on my website + thinking ahead to the future. What will my business look like in 5, 10, 20+ years from now? Now is the time to think about investments, retirement and always keeping technology at the forefront of my decisions. I needed an advanced workshop, something for business owners rolling into year three or more. My business needed a shake + I needed the tools to take my business to the NEXT LEVEL.

Enter Laylee. My sweet + keep it real soul sister! I met Laylee at the Hope Taylor Workshop about two years ago and since then the education branch of her business blossomed! I remember chatting with Laylee about this idea… some sort of Part Two education, an advanced workshop or retreat for boss babes (and dudes) that aren’t beginners anymore. Something was missing in the industry for photographers that needed the next level of education. Laylee made this all come together and I couldn’t be more proud! Soon my biggest mentors + industry leaders were signing up to speak and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! Plus, this retreat encouraged learning in our yoga pants with wine glasses? YESSSSSSS!

Here’s a quick recap!

Next Level Retreat

Words can’t even describe how happy I am to go back next year!!!!! Want in?


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The Next Level Retreat | Waco, Tx

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