With timelines running out of time and waves of emotions the hustle of weddings can get the best of us. No matter how well we plan, dream up the perfect images or even have lists and systems in place to help us remember… there are a handful of images that many photographers forget! Whether you’re a photographer or an engaged couple planning your wedding these are a couple shots you want to burn into your workflow!

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1. Location Shots

This may sound silly, but it’s true. Couples fall in love with their venues for various reasons, but one obvious reason is the look or location of their venue. As you are pulling up to the venue keep your camera in the front seat to snap welcome signs and the entrance of the venue. I like to shoot weddings like a forensic photographer… capturing super wide shots of the entire location all the way up to the macro details of the ring shots. Sometimes we get so caught up in the details that we forget to walk down the driveway or step back to encompass the full picture. 5 Photos Most Photographers Forget | Casa Real Wedding | Quianna Marie Photography

2. Not So Picture Perfect Getting Ready Moments

Yes, we want the getting ready part of the day to be filled with champagne boomerangs, wedding bells music and the best lighting as possible. It sets the tone of the entire day, but guess what? None of the photos captured during this time have to be blog or album status. Shoot the bride’s Aunt that just picked up 8 cups of Starbucks walking in the door. Take the wide shots of the blissful chaos. Don’t forget to grab a photo of the brides nieces still in their (non-wedding prep) jammies. I know, I know… we are always trying to make the not so pretty, style my pretty status… but this is exception to the rule. Just shoot it all. None of these images will probably ever be printed or included in the album, but they’re moments that couples will cherish.

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3. Iconic Bridal Portrait

This one is a no brainer, but I’m adding it to the list because every bride deserves her own iconic bridal portrait. Do photographers really forget this, no. But in my experience this time is usually rushed and there isn’t a enough time built into timelines to actually have brides and grooms have a little breathing time to just take a seat in front of a window or stand with confidence to truly soak in that today is THEIR day! Make time for this, people. You can thank me later.

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4. Parent Photos

It’s common for mothers and daughters to get these snaps in the morning, but unfortunately often times brides and fathers and mothers and sons only get snapped walking down the aisle and dancing. These of course are beautiful and are rarely missed, but you’re going to want to make time for all parents to shine with the couple. If time in the morning is crunched it’s best to capture these after the first look (if parents are wedding ready) or take some time during family formals. Just pull them away and take individuals, they’ll be so grateful!

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5. Updated Official Family Photos

During the rush of family formals, this image typically gets forgotten. As families grow, siblings get married and babies join the bunch it’s important to remember to capture full family photos with the newlyweds. These usually take place after the ceremony during family formals. Mothers will LOVE an updated family photo with the newlyweds… talk about the Christmas photo of the year!

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BONUS: Don’t Forget A Standard Head On Shot Of The Couple!

Yes, this may sound silly, but it’s TRUE! Often times photographers get a bit too creative with beautiful poses and forget to take a simple smiling shot with the couple actually looking at the camera! I like to call these “the mantle shots”, you know the photos that your parents will want to frame and put on the mantle or hang in their hallway! There will be plenty of time for walking shots, snuggles + sweet romantic kisses… just please don’t forget a forward facing smiling shot! Your couple and their grandparents will thank you!

San Jose Wedding Photographer | Quianna Marie

Hopefully this list helps share little reminders for photographers and couples to get! If there is anything missed please share! I’m always looking for suggestions and helpful hints.

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5 Photos Most Photographers Forget

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