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Build Your Empire. Do You. Show Up + Shine.

It’s really that simple.

But I get it. Being surrounded by so much love, happiness and gorgeous engagement rings, I can relate to that feeling of self doubt and feeling depleted.

Why not me?

I’m fun. I’m going places. I’m not a picky eater. I laugh all the time. I’m friendly. I even hold doors open for people. What is WRONG with me?

Well, that my love is precisely the problem that kept me up at night, created a gut wrenching feeling during sweet vows and worried myself to tears driving home after weddings. Real talk. These emotions come in waves, but they’re very real.

We’re all human and we want what we don’t have… but ya know what we do have?

We have our pride. Our dreams. Our happiness. It’s all ours and no one can make that happen for us or take it away.

So… back to the problem. You’re not the problem. In fact, it has nothing to do with you! The problem is that society puts time checks and pressure on us to grow up, build a career, buy a house, get married, start a family and have an instagramable-joanna gaines approved home all between the ages of 25-30!

You know what I say to that?

“What? Wait. I can’t hear you… I’m too busy living my best life and stacking dollars.”

I hope you know that you are enough. That you have the ability to make your wildest dreams come true. It’s just not your time. Instead of waiting for THE ONE to drop out of the sky… run towards your dreams and make the most of this blessing you have in your hands, right this second. I know it seems like a dread, but I promise this time you have while you’re still single is a gift.

You my friend have the power. The power to grow, learn, expand, explore and do what ever the hell you want. Stay up til 2am working on your website. Invite your friends over to sip wine and watch The Bachelor. Hop on a plane to attend a workshop and spend an extra two days with one of the local attendees to create a styled shoot and explore her home town.

Give yourself grace. Give yourself the freedom. Give yourself more credit for being even stronger, more powerful + worthy than you can imagine.

This way when the right one comes along, you’ll know who you are, what you want and you’ll have a full life filled with happiness for them to add to – NOT be your only source of happiness.

Live it up, babe. Then invite me to your wedding when the love of your life falls out of the sky, okayyyy?

With love, Quianna

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  1. Kim Gomez

    March 15th, 2018 at 7:22 pm

    Killin it Qui!

  2. quiannamarie

    March 19th, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Thanks so much, Kim!!! <3 I really appreciate it!

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