When they first started dating Kira asked Paul about his favorite color, favorite song, favorite destination (and a million other random questions like that) he NEVER had just one answer. Paul loved too many movies, too many songs, too many favorite memories and way too many car stories to pick just one.
In the middle of their vows Paul brought up this frustration that Kira had about him not being able to select his favorite anything, giggled and continued to share that she’s his favorite.

Kira is his favorite song. His favorite color. His favorite adventure. Anywhere she was, was his favorite place. Her heart was his favorite home.  Among the beautiful vistas, celebrations and adventures nothing compared to the love these two have for each other! What an incredible wedding weekend sipping margaritas, scooping tons of guacamole and celebrating your love in such a gorgeous piece of Mexico!

Quianna Marie Photography_1069Quianna Marie Photography_1068Quianna Marie Photography_1076Quianna Marie Photography_1073Quianna Marie Photography_1074Quianna Marie Photography_1070Quianna Marie Photography_1071Quianna Marie Photography_1083Quianna Marie Photography_1072Quianna Marie Photography_1084Quianna Marie Photography_1075Quianna Marie Photography_1077Quianna Marie Photography_1078After the shock of the first look, I had to get closer to remind Paul that he can touch Kira… THEN THIS! Quianna Marie Photography_1079Quianna Marie Photography_1080Quianna Marie Photography_1082Quianna Marie Photography_1081Quianna Marie Photography_1088Quianna Marie Photography_1085Quianna Marie Photography_1086Quianna Marie Photography_1090Quianna Marie Photography_1091Quianna Marie Photography_1092Quianna Marie Photography_1093Quianna Marie Photography_1094Quianna Marie Photography_1113Quianna Marie Photography_1095Quianna Marie Photography_1097Quianna Marie Photography_1096Quianna Marie Photography_1098Quianna Marie Photography_1101Quianna Marie Photography_1099Quianna Marie Photography_1102Quianna Marie Photography_1100Quianna Marie Photography_1104Quianna Marie Photography_1089Quianna Marie Photography_1087Quianna Marie Photography_1106Quianna Marie Photography_1105Quianna Marie Photography_1107Quianna Marie Photography_1108Quianna Marie Photography_1109After cake the sky blew up with fireworks! Now that’s a grand way to celebrate in Mexico!Quianna Marie Photography_1111Quianna Marie Photography_1112

Thank you Kira + Paul for including me in such an intimate destination wedding weekend! I felt like family the entire time and couldn’t be more grateful to capture this once in a life time experience.

VENUE | Catalina Hotel

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