Happy 2018! This year I am hitting the ground running with bigger goals and even more crazy ideas! As I was forecasting my schedule, I noticed that I needed to add something to my calendar. While I was financial planning and creating business growth I noticed that my days, weeks and almost full months were quickly filling up! Which, from a business prospective is great! But that’s what happened last year… How could I create more margin for rest and more opportunities to feel inspired?

Well, my friend! Welcome to the launch of my Creative Challenge! Each month I will collaborating, adventuring and shooting “just because!” This used to be my life… before I was in business! I would pull up to Aunt’s house, bribe a cousin with iced coffee or food and kidnap them to shoot! We would explore beaches, discover old barns and just enjoy the adventure. I miss that. My heart misses that. And to be honest, that’s how my whole career began. It kills me that I’ve lost sight of those moments.

This year I’m making changes and adding these creative shoots is just the beginning! Each month I’m challenging myself to try something new. New faces, different locations, creative concepts! Will you help me stay accountable?

This shoot started with my sweet friend, Isabel Jackson over sushi! We dreamed, planned and made it happen!

Lady + The HorseQuianna Marie Photography_1018Quianna Marie Photography_1013Quianna Marie Photography_1022Quianna Marie Photography_1017Quianna Marie Photography_1015Quianna Marie Photography_1019Quianna Marie Photography_1016Quianna Marie Photography_1020Quianna Marie Photography_1023Quianna Marie Photography_1024

Many thanks to The Rinauro Family for once again supporting me with my crazy dreams! I appreciate your help with the horses + beautiful backdrop!

Quianna Marie Photography_1021BTS horseQuianna Marie Photography_1026Quianna Marie Photography_1025

Featured Vendors:

Hair + Make Up | Isabel Jackson

Styling + Planning | Savvy Chic Weddings

Photography | Quianna Marie

If you have a burning desire to get out and shoot or try something new… Let me know! I’m always inspired by collaborating and bouncing ideas.

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