For my 30th Birthday this year I wanted to do something different. I’ve always celebrated my birthday with some sort of big celebration. Bar hops, bashes and big parties were always on the calendar. It’s tough having a December birthday and competing with holiday parties this time of year and this year I wanted a change. Something I whole heartily wanted for ME!

So… after lots of thought, pro/con lists, and going back and forth I finally decided that my heart was in Waco and I wanted so badly to explore Magnolia Market for my birthday! Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have my Mama, Aunties and best friend Sari join! I still can’t believe they hopped on planes and made this trip for me! I’m so so blessed! They made the trip even more hilarious and memorable!

We all landed in Dallas and rented a car to jam down to Waco. Magnolia Market is located in the middle between Love Field and Austin airports so I suggest finding the best deal on flights and drive from there!

The first night my best friend I’ve known since kindergarten surprised me with the sweetest present ever… 30 gifts of all of my favorite things!

Quianna Marie Photography_0964

Oh and each wrapped gift had a picture of us! And here come the water works!

Quianna Marie Photography_0965Quianna Marie Photography_0966Quianna Marie Photography_0967

So we toasted and after just a handful of gifts opened (my birthday eve!) we headed out for burgers at Twisted Root Burger! Great burgers and a super fun college bar vibe. We all loved it! The next morning we were up and out early to head to Magnolia!

But first… a cupcake + coffee…

Quianna Marie Photography_0968

And then it was time.

Quianna Marie Photography_0972

Let me first preface with the fact that yes, I love shiplap, painted wooden signs and refurnished floors… but what made me most excited about visiting Magnolia was experiencing the warm magic that Chip and Joanna sprinkle all over the silos. They have this sense of community, warm fuzzies and a cozy home feeling that you experience, even if it is your first time!

You know how I’m passionate about building my own wedding venue one day? Okay, well I’m so curious to learn how to bottle up that feeling! I was so anxious to try their yummy cupcakes and browse the store, but I was also paying attention to the layout, parking, even the type of walkways they have on the ground! Call me crazy, but pretty much everything I whole heartily enjoy stems from future photography goals in some way!

Quianna Marie Photography_0976Quianna Marie Photography_0969Quianna Marie Photography_0971Quianna Marie Photography_0974

We even found new projects for Brother to make for us! Like this awesome bench swing!

Quianna Marie Photography_0970Quianna Marie Photography_0987Quianna Marie Photography_0986Quianna Marie Photography_0988Quianna Marie Photography_0985

Do you know what Auntie Lindy’s real name is? We just had to take a picture!

Quianna Marie Photography_0984Quianna Marie Photography_0994Quianna Marie Photography_0989Quianna Marie Photography_0991Quianna Marie Photography_0993

While I was on cloud nine in the garden taking a million photos Auntie Cindy made a friend in the seed shop and look what they brought me!!!

Quianna Marie Photography_0990

This was a campfire cupcake and it was delish! Thanks Seth + Andi!

Quianna Marie Photography_0977

Next, we stepped into the bakery and I was greeted with a birthday hug! (Ma made it in first to alert everyone, I guess!)

Quianna Marie Photography_0995Quianna Marie Photography_0978Quianna Marie Photography_0979Quianna Marie Photography_0980

Oh and ANOTHER birthday cupcake!? This one was a peppermint red velvet… YUM! Thank you so much!

Quianna Marie Photography_1000

I was so over stimulated that I actually walked around the store like 3 times! I was spinning in circles like I was in Target! So much to look at and explore. After I walked the whole place,  I did another lap to shop! (Don’t judge me.)

Quianna Marie Photography_0996

Can you tell Mama + Aunties were done after about 3 hours? I could have stayed there all day!

Quianna Marie Photography_0998Quianna Marie Photography_0999

After dinner we even did another drive by to see the lights! Sweet Dreams Silos, we’ll be back!

Quianna Marie Photography_1006

Thank you Mama, Aunties + Sari for such an unforgettable birthday! I loved every minute with you girls and can’t even put into words how grateful I am to be loved by all of you!

I already have another blog brewing about what else to see in Waco, where to stay (we had the CUTEST Airbnb!) and other shops and restaurants to hit, too! Stay tuned for that coming after Christmas!


XOXO, Quianna

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