This year will be going down in history as a year of full blooms, growing pains and some of the BEST experiences of my life to date! As I am filtering through some of my favorite images of the year I am flooded with laughter, happy tears and and smiles from ear to ear! I truly am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that understand my passion and help carve the path to this dream of mine that I get to live everyday!

WARNING: This post is the longest post of the year… and I still could add about 13,573+ more images to this list… but to spare your scroll I tried my hardest to keep it as short as possible! Here’s just a glimpse of 2017 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Ready…Set… Scroll!

Quianna Marie Photography_0830Quianna Marie Photography_0962Quianna Marie Photography_0828Quianna Marie Photography_0913Quianna Marie Photography_0875Quianna Marie Photography_0923Quianna Marie Photography_0932Quianna Marie Photography_0945Quianna Marie Photography_0937Quianna Marie Photography_0955Quianna Marie Photography_0958Quianna Marie Photography_0948Quianna Marie Photography_0935Quianna Marie Photography_0925Quianna Marie Photography_0929Quianna Marie Photography_0915Quianna Marie Photography_0324Quianna Marie Photography_0905Quianna Marie Photography_0919Quianna Marie Photography_0920Quianna Marie Photography_0908Quianna Marie Photography_0892Quianna Marie Photography_0901Quianna Marie Photography_0903Quianna Marie Photography_0896Quianna Marie Photography_0886Quianna Marie Photography_0874Quianna Marie Photography_0873Quianna Marie Photography_0870Quianna Marie Photography_0866Quianna Marie Photography_0863Quianna Marie Photography_0859Quianna Marie Photography_0862Quianna Marie Photography_0861Quianna Marie Photography_0855Quianna Marie Photography_0853Quianna Marie Photography_0851Quianna Marie Photography_0834Quianna Marie Photography_0821Quianna Marie Photography_0816Quianna Marie Photography_0825Quianna Marie Photography_0836Quianna Marie Photography_0844Quianna Marie Photography_0856Quianna Marie Photography_0868quiannamariephotography_1512Quianna Marie Photography_0877Quianna Marie Photography_0884Quianna Marie Photography_0907Quianna Marie Photography_0911Quianna Marie Photography_0928Quianna Marie Photography_0931Quianna Marie Photography_0934Quianna Marie Photography_0943Quianna Marie Photography_0942Quianna Marie Photography_0946Quianna Marie Photography_0950Quianna Marie Photography_0961Quianna Marie Photography_0938quiannamariephotography_1505Quianna Marie Photography_0953Quianna Marie Photography_0924Quianna Marie Photography_0916Quianna Marie Photography_0922Quianna Marie Photography_0904Quianna Marie Photography_0893Quianna Marie Photography_0887Quianna Marie Photography_0880Quianna Marie Photography_0857Quianna Marie Photography_0852Quianna Marie Photography_0840Quianna Marie Photography_0850Quianna Marie Photography_0957Quianna Marie Photography_0944Quianna Marie Photography_0939Quianna Marie Photography_0101Quianna Marie Photography_0947Quianna Marie Photography_0949Quianna Marie Photography_0951Quianna Marie Photography_0952Quianna Marie Photography_0912Quianna Marie Photography_0698Quianna Marie Photography_0665Quianna Marie Photography_0906Quianna Marie Photography_0408Quianna Marie Photography_0914Quianna Marie Photography_0899Quianna Marie Photography_0367Quianna Marie Photography_0842Quianna Marie Photography_0814Quianna Marie Photography_0817Quianna Marie Photography_0822Quianna Marie Photography_0835Quianna Marie Photography_0838Quianna Marie Photography_0847Quianna Marie Photography_0831Quianna Marie Photography_0954Quianna Marie Photography_0926Quianna Marie Photography_0927Quianna Marie Photography_0930Quianna Marie Photography_0918Quianna Marie Photography_0917Quianna Marie Photography_0909Quianna Marie Photography_0895Quianna Marie Photography_0331Quianna Marie Photography_0897Quianna Marie Photography_0894Quianna Marie Photography_0890Quianna Marie Photography_0889Quianna Marie Photography_0900Quianna Marie Photography_0888Quianna Marie Photography_0876Quianna Marie Photography_0885Quianna Marie Photography_0827Quianna Marie Photography_0823Quianna Marie Photography_0820Quianna Marie Photography_0845Quianna Marie Photography_0843Quianna Marie Photography_0860Quianna Marie Photography_0878Quianna Marie Photography_0871Quianna Marie Photography_0865Quianna Marie Photography_0864Quianna Marie Photography_0936Quianna Marie Photography_0940Quianna Marie Photography_0956Quianna Marie Photography_0921Quianna Marie Photography_0883Quianna Marie Photography_0872Quianna Marie Photography_0858Quianna Marie Photography_0849Quianna Marie Photography_0854Quianna Marie Photography_0902Quianna Marie Photography_0846Quianna Marie Photography_0833Quianna Marie Photography_0829Quianna Marie Photography_0832Quianna Marie Photography_0824Quianna Marie Photography_0826Quianna Marie Photography_0891Quianna Marie Photography_0910Quianna Marie Photography_0220Quianna Marie Photography_0941Quianna Marie Photography_0882Quianna Marie Photography_0879Quianna Marie Photography_0867Quianna Marie Photography_0841Quianna Marie Photography_0839Quianna Marie Photography_0848

The BEST part about having the honor of working with the most amazing couples is that they have the most genuine, friendly and adventurous friends that instantly become part of the Quianna Marie Family! Two of these gorgeous bridesmaids will be brides next year! I’m already anticipating their weddings to hit the blog next year and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Thank you to all of the talented vendors + venues to help my couple’s wedding dreams come true! I couldn’t have done it without you!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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  1. Sheridan

    December 17th, 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Quianna, thank you for sharing your wedding album. What a talent you have for capturing special & intimate moments at so many wonderful weddings. Your photos are creative, soft and naturally beautiful. It was fun to see them all right before I fell asleep tonight. I’ll no doubt have sweet dreams!

  2. quiannamarie

    January 3rd, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Thanks SO MUCH Sheridan! That means the world to me! Sweet dreams 🙂

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    January 1st, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    […] Okay, so I saved the BEST for last… This year has been such an incredible year with the most amazing couples! I’ve prayed for these couples to enter my life and it makes my heart explode knowing that I get to be a part of their legacy! Technically I shot more than 17 weddings, some as a second shooter! But officially 17 in 2017… CRAZY! If you haven’t already yet… take a scroll through my Best of 2017! […]