Tis the season for engagements! I can’t scroll through Facebook without being blinded by all of the new bling, I’m sure you feel the same way!

If your BFF or sister recently said, “YES!” – No need to panic! You have plenty of time to practice your maid of honor speech and I have some great tips to help ensure a sweet and sincere speech.  After years of witnessing these speeches I am happy to share my tid bits to help you SHINE!



  1. DO start by introducing yourself. A quick name introduction and how you met. Even if the bride is your sister!
  2. DON’T kick off your speech with the usual “I’m not the kind of girl that cries…” or remind everyone that you suck at public speaking. Everyone understands that you’re nervous!
  3. DO share one or two personal memories, but make sure it circles back to the purpose of your toast. Love, friendship, honesty, loyalty are all great examples to share a story about and bring back to the couple’s relationship.
  4. DON’T share too many inside jokes that only you, the bride and your cousins understand. Trust me. They won’t be funny to anyone else.
  5. DO make it about the happy couple and congratulate them.
  6. DO stick to PG humor. No need to push the laughs. Keep it classy.
  7. DON’T turn your toast into a contest about how well you know the bride. If more than one speech is made… we ALL get it. The bride is loved. No need to drop the one and only best friend bombs or brag about your friendship. By default you have the mic.
  8. DON’T trash talk the groom. Even if you disliked him in high school and he hasn’t grown up much, he will be an addition to your family. Be kind.
  9. DO keep it short.
  10. DON’T forget to remind the guest to raise their glasses.
  11. Close with “Cheers to the bride and groom and their happily ever after!”


Notes + Inspiration Ideas

If you can try to step close to the sweet heart table while you share your speech so the photographer can capture both you and the couple in their photos.

Take the time to write your speech out on a piece of paper, instead of reading off your phone or an iPad. The photographer will thank you!

Once you have your speech written down, practice reciting it out loud in the shower, driving in your car and share it with your dog. Hearing the words out loud will help get the jitters out and remind you what comes next… like learning a dance!

With the best of your abilities avoid any hard alcohol and drink as much water as you can before your speech. #keepitclassy

Don’t forget that everyone you are sharing your speech with loves the couple as much as you do! Everyone will have grace and look forward to what you have to share. Enjoy it!

Best wishes and good luck planning the Bachelorette party! This speech should be a piece of cake now!

With Love, Quianna

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10 Tips to Give a KILLER Maid of Honor Speech

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  1. Arica

    January 13th, 2016 at 7:51 am

    Totally agree with your points! As a wedding photographer for the past 9 years, I feel I’ve heard it all. All that you mentioned is true! I hope some people will benefit from your advice.

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    June 28th, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Such great tips! I will have to make a maid of honor speech soon and I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll definitely use some of your suggestions!

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