My family and friends know that if you spend just a little bit of time with me I am referencing FRIENDS, bringing up one liners, and laughing about scenarios from the show. I just can’t help it! My best friend and I used to sneak watching it in middle school and today I literally watch FRIENDS almost every day!

I’ve seen every episode and can keep it on for background noise while I work, without it being too distracting. I still giggle about their shenanigans while staying glued to my laptop, pushing out work!

Want to know a bit about each character that inspires my business? I’m not even joking, each personality and character brings insight and ideas to the table that helps my business grow.



This gem reminds me to stay organized. Okay, I’m not clean freak at all and none of my notebooks and binders are color coded and laminated, but at least she inspires me to keep my room clean and to try to stay organized. Monica’s career choice of becoming a chef really hits home for me. Just as she loves to cook to make others happy and a reason to like her, I too love photography for the same reason!



Her love for fashion and making the big move to the city encourages me to take risks, no matter how scary! Cutting up her father’s credit cards is a risk I never took, but I can relate to going full time and embracing the unknown. Rachel’s natural beauty and relaxed personality sets a good reminder to take some time and just flip through a magazine or take a run through central park. Also, I totally relate to her fan girling over soap stars… except for me I fan girl over Jasmine Star, Katelyn James and Amy Demos!

rachel gif


Have I ever shared that I get my best ideas after walking through a cemetery? Call me crazy, but that’s my biggest connection with Phoebe! Just like this free spirited and wacky character I believe in karma, loving animals and although I was raised catholic I totally believe in reincarnation.  This big hearted, but corky soul inspires me to think outside of the box, be kind and to put on a street fighter’s face when needed. Plus her confidence is through the ROOF and her excitement for small celebrations is contagious.



This man’s belief in love and marriage really hits home with me! His love for education and teaching inspires me everyday to continue to never stop learning. Everyone says that Monica is the glue that holds this group together, but I think it’s really Ross. His interest in creating traditions and going to great lengths as a life size Armadillo to teach his son about Hanukkah is parenting goals at it’s finest!



As everyone’s best friend, Chandler makes life fun and relatable. He’s the steady eddy of the group, something I strive to be. Routines are something I crave, but it’s hard to stay on track sometimes when different things are thrown on my plate everyday! Chandler’s ability to save money inspires me to the fullest! The way he shocked Monica with his savings on a sticky note is what dreams are made of! I want to be a Chandler that has a nice little stock pile for the future.



This fun loving Italian reminds me to never give up. His acting career is something that took years and years to perfect. Silly plays, cracking into the industry by playing Al Pacino’s butt double, and hysterical Japanese lipstick commercials were all stepping stones to his big break on Days of Our Lives! I can relate to this so much as a photographer. I’ve shot it all… Soccer games, baby showers, concerts, family reunions, etc. I’ve practiced it all to be an experienced wedding photographer!


This group of crazies inspires me everyday to push forward, love my tribe hard (no matter how small) and to spend more time laughing!



Quianna Marie

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