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Do you suffer from writer’s block when it comes to sharing content?

What is content anyway? It’s a word that’s thrown around just as much as “your ideal client” these days! How can you push out valuable information when you’re stuck in your mail box answering questions? Or worse – when you do carve out time to write a blog post and your brain feels empty, confused and note even sure where to start?

Well my love, I’m here to help get those creative juices flowing!

First of all… I have to share this disclaimer: I am not an expert and I’m only sharing my thought bubbles, experience and motivation. Also, on that note… Weddings have been around since the beginning of time! Trends may come and go, but really there isn’t very much new information regarding traditions, we’re all using the same tools and to be honest many of our photos are beginning to look the same!

So back to writer’s block and creating content!

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Well, we all know THIS definition of content is NOT what we mean! Sharing content (valuable/insightful/helpful information) for your potential clients is gold! So what is that exactly? Here are some examples:

Florist – Sharing different color combinations or flowers that go well together, budget saving tips for how to select bunches in season, ways to reuse arrangements throughout the day!

Family Photographer – Offering a list of favorite local parks to shoot, outfit inspiration, or what time of day is best to shoot with the interest of light.

Boutique Owner – Tips about when is the best time to begin wedding dress shopping, who to bring with you and what to wear/bring to your fittings!

Blogger – Seasonal trends, different ways to style the same wardrobe over and over, sharing about your favorite shops and online deals.

You see… offering valuable insight, information and anything that will help your sister’s BFF coworker will drastically change your game!



5 Blogging Tips to Get Started NOW!

1. Take Notes. Start a new note in your phone titled “Blog Inspiration” and remember to jot down ideas as soon as they come up! Next time you’re in line at target take a peek at the magazines and their headlines! Those are BIG inspirations to spark posts!

2. Create A Series. Pick a day of the week and offer something to share for your audience to look forward to. Wedding Wednesday to share your most recent wedding and repost some old images that look fresh and brand new! Monday Motivation to share a cute photo and inspirational quote. Or try a weekly personal post that just rambles about your day, your family, adventures and upcoming events. If you’re really feeling stuck try searching through pinterest to see what kind of photos catch your eye. I once had a friend that posted weekly about her dream decor! No joke, she lived in a tiny apartment at the time, but shared her wish list and it was a HUGE hit! See what I mean here?

3. FAQ – Write About Them. Do you notice that your inbox has tons of frequently asked questions? BOOM! Start writing about them! Once again use this as an opportunity to share about your shot list, the ingredients you use in your cakes or if your services include set up/tear down of the tables and chairs. This way once those blogs are written you can share with clients BEFORE they even ask and you will be their best friend! It’s all about over communicating.

4. Highlight Friendors. A lot of times our ideal clients are other vendors potential clients as well. It’s easy to think well, duh. A florist, wedding planner, and a make up artist have the same ideal clients… but so do fashion boutique owners, personal trainers, interior designers and even web designers! Reach out to your friends with small businesses and offer to cross promote! Spend a coffee date with them to share their FAQ’s on your blog, offer updated head shots, jot down tips about something they’re experts about or simply share that you have a glamorous social life and post all about your day date!

5. Go Outside. No joke, put your phone down and go offline for a couple days. Explore your backyard, take a hike or spend time away from social media. I often get caught up in the comparison game and feel like I’m drowning and just can’t keep up! Taking time away not only reminds me that I’m surviving and I’m actually way more ahead than I think, but more importantly if gives me a break and permission to create, simply to create. That’s when the best ideas come rolling in!

I hope these ideas spark some ideas for you and crushes your #blogblock!

If you have a series brewing, let me know about it! I would LOVE to follow along!

Best of luck!


Images By: www.hautechocolate.ca

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