Wedding planning and preparing can be overwhelming with your partner, let alone the stresses added when your mothers want to help, too! For some this could be a sigh of relief and others may just cause more stress! It can be hard sharing ideas and divvying up tasks, but with a little planning and set expectations Mom can feel appreciated, needed and honored with these simple tasks.

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1. Budget

Discuss the realities of your budget and chat about any potential financial assistance. Everyone’s budget is different. Some parents may be able to contribute and often times couples are footing the total bill themselves. Keep the communication lines open and start deciding what are your wedding must haves and what you’re willing to splurge on.

2. Registry 

Your Mom has ran a household for over 25+ years. She knows what’s up! She can share her wisdom on the essential items and what still collects dust in a box in the garage. Ask her what to add to your list!

3. Dress Shopping

About 3-4 months before the wedding spend some time with your Mom shopping for the perfect dress. Out of respect the mother of the bride should select her gown first and the mother of the groom should select a different, but coordinating color. This may even be a fun opportunity to get your Mama’s together before the wedding to brunch and shop! They’ll both want your opinion on colors and style. (Well, I hope so!)

4. Deliveries

Ask Mom to have all deliveries mailed right to her doorstep. Keep your apartment entry free of extra boxes and stresses.

5. Contracts

Moms have seen it all. Have your Mom look over vendor contracts to have a new set of eyeballs check over everything and bring up any questions or concerns.

6. Invitations

If parents are footing the bill (or significantly helping) please be considerate of the verbiage on the invites and be sensitive to any divorces or requested wording. Mom can help with this!

7. Toasts

Let Mom pick the bubbly or the wine poured. Spend an afternoon with your Mom and aunts wine tasting and sampling bubbly! Do you really care about the label? Give Mom the opportunity to make a decision on what to sip for toasts. Plus this would be a fun adventure day with the favorite ladies in your life!

8. Emergency Contact

Yes, that’s what maid of honors are for, but sometimes Moms put out fires before they even smoke! Alert wedding coordinators and various vendors to go through Mom first!

9. Hair and Make Up

Yes, okay this isn’t really a task for Mom, but make it happen! The morning of your wedding pamper Mom and make her feel loved and beautiful.

10. Tips and Love Notes

Hand over all of your vendor thank you notes and tips so Mom can help distribute while you’re busting a move on the dance floor. She’ll love to hear from everyone how wonderful your day was!

BONUS: Have Mom help with the final touches of getting ready! Even if she’s simply helping adjust your veil or clasping your necklace. She’ll be so grateful for these photos!

Wedding Planning Tasks for Mom | Tips to get her to help, without driving you crazy or derailing your visions or vibe!

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Also, don’t forget to schedule a photo opt for the groom and his Mom, too!


Have any other ideas for tasks you wish your Mom or future Mother-in-law would help with? Please let me know!

Happy Planning!

With love, Quianna Marie

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