Today I took a break for lunch and met a friend wine tasting! Well, to be honest we met at a winery to plan a photo shoot and to connect with the wedding coordinators. As soon as we arrived their staff closed down the tasting room due to the storm and floods! We made it just in the nick of time to ask some questions and get the ball rolling for our shoot!

Since our wine tasting was cut short we ended up grabbing lunch together and chatted for over two hours! During this time we discussed marriage, work and our future dreams! As I poured my heart about the dream venue she was all ears and excited for my visions. I LOVE sharing these goals because it keeps it real. It brings to life this imaginary future and makes it feel attainable.

That’s when Alison stopped me and told me, “Yes! You need a smart goal!”

Well, of course my goals are smart! I had no idea what she meant by that!

Apparently, SMART is the acronym for a great goal setting practice! Each goal needs the to be the following:

S – specific

M – measurable, meaningful

A – attainable, achievable

R – realistic,  reasonable, rewarding

T – time-based, trackable

Each goal we make NEEDS these to succeed.

So… This all made perfect sense. It’s easy to say, “One day… or Maybe when…” But when you set each of your goals to a timeline and take action they’re ALL achievable!


As many of you know it has been my life long goal to own a plot of land, preferably on a hill or in the mountains to turn into a wedding venue! A Joanna Gaines inspired ranch house and barn to call home. A gorgeous place to host weddings, events and all of my babies birthday parties! Although each day I feel like I am one step closer, I usually feel like an ant trying to walk across peanut butter! With these SMART goals these dreams seem much more attainable.

Thanks so much for sharing these tips, Alison! Looking forward to our next lunch date!

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals| Quianna Marie Photography

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