Are you the big sister that is always trying out Pinterest recipes? Maybe you’re the master at coming up with delicious super bowl dips.

Are you the little brother that has never really excelled in school, but your hands can fix anything? The one on speed dial when the sprinkler heads break or a fence needs mending.

Are you the mechanic in the family? The uncle that arrives first on the side of the highway with a warm hug and crooked smile that instantly makes even strangers feel safe.

Are you the crazy cat lady that will stop on the side of the road to give CPR to an injured pet? Someone that is always adopting animals and finding forever homes for fur babies?

Are you the PR person in the family? Always making the plans and coordinating events? Not necessarily the decision maker, but always the planner.

Are you the green thumb? Maybe your garden is thriving and you’re at peace in the yard.

Are you the dad that always has the best financial advice? Whether you’re family is ready and willing to listen, it doesn’t matter. You have an opinion about every purchase.

The negotiator? The road trip DJ? The challenger? The engineer? The baby whisperer? The artist? The kitchen dancer? The traveler? The writer? The teacher? The medicine man?


As the family photographer myself I recently realized that each family member has a very specific role in their immediate and extended families. Going back to our roots, it’s evident that this is how tribes survived. Each natural tendency is an instinct. Something that you gravitate towards and find joy, without even realizing it’s for the greater good of your family.

My question to you today is… What is your role?

You see if your family depends on you for these talents, why aren’t you sharing these with the greater community and our growing society? What’s stopping you from living out these roles everyday?

I get it. Bills. Lifestyles and struggles keep many behind a desk or working to cover expenses. But is that what you were designed to do? Don’t get me wrong… we need Chandlers in our society! Some people are literally born to compute numbers and love the routine and security. They thrive in office settings and excel with consistency. We all don’t fit into that mold.

As a little girl I LOVED cameras and taking photographs. Eventually I was elected as the family photographer! In fact, if I showed up to a baseball game, birthday or holiday without my camera my family would be irritated. Like I didn’t do my job or something! Even though I loved the idea of making photography my career I still got flack for the idea. Some warned me about being a starving artist for the rest of my life. Some naysayers were concerned wedding photography would be a hard business to crack into. Believe it or not these were college professors and adults that I knew… my family supported me 100%. They believed in me. Not because that’s what families are supposed to do, but because they knew it was my calling. Just like it was my brother’s calling to be in construction or my cousin’s calling to be our wanderlust traveler. It’s just who we are to the core. They are our roles.

It took over ten years of sacrificing, struggles and determination before I could make this my full time job. But it was worth it. Worth every iced coffee. Every late night and early morning. Every email. It was worth it because this is what God intended for me. I feel alive, valued and appreciated just by doing what I love.

If you have yet to recognize your role… think of something you provide for your family that they wouldn’t be able to survive without (or give you the most grief about!). Think of the things you day dream about, the places you wish you could be instead.

I promise you have a role, please share it.

With love, Quianna Marie


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What’s Your Role In The Family?

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