Success can be such a hard word to define. Maybe because it’s not a word. It’s a feeling? A status? A state of mind? Something people strive to have, but can’t hold?

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With so many opinions flying around it can be hard to decide for yourself what YOU consider success. So I’ve decided to share what I believe makes me successful…

  • Remembering to grab a towel before I hop into the shower!
  • Selecting the correct tupperware for the amount of left overs.
  • Being able to shop at the grocery store and not count my items hoping I have enough money to pay for what I need.
  • Making sure to pack my water and snacks for a long wedding day.
  • Having at least one day a week when I don’t have to set my alarm for the morning.
  • Taking a nap. My best ideas come from day dreaming!
  • Having three best friends that love me unconditionally.
  • Building a career that brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined.
  • Flooding happy tears for happy clients.
  • Remembering to send a “Happy Birthday!” text to my cousins before Facebook reminds me!
  • Spending my days in yoga pants and my over sized camo sweatshirt.
  • When the barista spells my name correctly! (Clearly I am only a regular at one location!)
  • Falling in love with a man and his beard, that just happens to love me back.
  • Having the ability to travel and never stop educating myself.
  • Belting the lyrics perfectly with the wind blowing in my hair, jamming down the highway!
  • Completing a full set without giving my trainer Liz the “help me, I’m poor look” from the scene on the plane from Bridesmaids!
  • Leaving the nail salon without chipping my toes.
  • Finishing a bottle of water. Yes!
  • Making happy memories with my crazy family…just sitting around the kitchen table.
  • Realizing that dreams do come true, it just takes work. Dedication. Heart. It takes you to make things happen!

That sums up my idea of success. It’s not what I have in the bank. It’s not what others think. Success is happiness in my eyes.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” -AS

What does success mean to you?

With love, Quianna Marie

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At what point are you successful?

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  1. themrrodge

    July 9th, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Success is a subjective concept; it can be uniquely defined for each of us.

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