Quianna Marie Photography - 4th of July 2016-13This Fourth of July I wish to spread fireworks like glitter! May your everyday life feel like the night sky celebrating our independence!

Pick a partner and best friend that enjoys grilling with you and keeping you warm while the dark sky bursts into bright lights.

Take the time to watch your babies stare in awe at new discoveries and adventures.

Spend your days working hard to play hard, while still enjoying the week and not living for the weekend!

Take the time to relax, catch a buzz and truly live in the moment. Put your camera away! (This might be the only time I say this!) No one goes back to watch the fireworks on video from last year! The pictures of splashing on the shore, fishing, telling stories by the campfire, and laughing… those are the ones to capture! During the fireworks soak it all up. Enjoy it and squeeze your loved ones tight.

May your everyday be filled with memory makers, dream chasers, and reasons to celebrate!

This year I enjoyed the fireworks out on the boat snuggling up with my man crush as the fireworks practically fell on top of us… like a 3D show right before our eyes! Thomas knows how much I love the fireworks so we stayed on the lake until 10pm, packed up our tent and hit the road to come home last night! YES! We were in Lake Almanor almost 5 hours away! We left at 10:30pm and arrived back in town by 4:10am! We only stopped once for a quick nap and kept trucking all the way home! Our eye lids were heavy and our skin stung from the sun burns, but it was worth it!


The shadow of Tom’s beard makes it look HUGE!

Quianna Marie Photography - 4th of July 2016-182Quianna Marie Photography - 4th of July 2016-216Quianna Marie Photography - 4th of July 2016-231

May your everyday be as awesome as fireworks day!

Lots of Love, Quianna Marie


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Happy 4th of July!

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