“Great people do things, before they are ready.” -Amy Poehler


I couldn’t agree more with this quote from the wise Amy from Saturday Night Live. As soon as I cultivate an idea I think about it, over analyze it, pray about it… set in on a shelf in my brain as I become side tracked…think about it some more and then, just maybe I act on it. I can’t tell you how many times a week I find a great idea pop up on my feeds and I cringe, “Hey! I had that idea first!” But did I really?

If I don’t share these ideas or motives with the world will they ever come to life? Probably not. I am not writing this short blog to brag about being great, but more importantly encouraging others to be GREAT! Take a chance, be brave. It’s usually when you are most afraid that you can waves. Challenge yourself to go for it before you are ready.

I hope you have a wonderful week and keep writing those thought bubbles down! Soon your dreams will turn into check lists.

With love, Quianna

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