As a woman in the wedding industry, I get it.

I understand girl code and respect all aspects of our unwritten rules regarding memory making and picture taking. Bridesmaids unite, I have your backs!

Here are some rules that apply:

  • I will NEVER photograph you eating. Smiling and clinking glasses? YES! No food to the face, you have my word.
  • I promise to eliminate and hide back fat. Even the thinnest and fittest girls can have rolls caused by the dress! I see you girl, I promise to help!
  • Where to hold the bouquet?  I love sharing the perfect tip to help place your flowers in a slimming and flattering way.
  • Your cousin invited his on and off girlfriend as his +1? No worries, I have a 6th sense for this kind of stuff! I will include her in a couple pictures, but also make sure to kindly leave her out for a few for Nana’s mantel!
  • Encounter a dress malfunction during the bridal portraits? Ex: water droplets on your dress from cold drinks? A strap fail? I got you. The bride will NEVER know!
  • You and your date are all dressed up and you bought the perfect tie to match your dress? You bet I will take a cute photo of just the two of you! (Just ask me!)
  • Broke or smudged a nail? I know it may seem like the end of the world, but I promise you won’t be able to see them in the photos!
  • Your song comes on. It’s loud, crowded and you’re feeling yourself. Go get it girl! I promise to capture fun laughters and arms up. Girl Code: I got you. I promise no booty dropping and sweaty hair shots. Just live it up!

Quianna Marie Photography - Elcira + Jac -SneakPeek-1

Growing up with lots of girls has taught me tons about girl code! Plus spending so much time with bridesmaids has really added to the list for weddings!

If I left anything out that you would like to add to the list, please share!

With love,

Quianna Marie

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