Cousins are your first best friends. Your dish washing team.  Your life long shoe swappers. Your 3 am late night phone calls to cry over boys. Your past memories and future dreams. Fate decided to make you cousins, love made you best friends.QuiannaMariePhotography_0719I am so incredibly honored to call these lovely ladies family friends! The love they have for each other is unconditional, silly, and genuine. QuiannaMariePhotography_0716QuiannaMariePhotography_0717Auntie’s are the BEST!QuiannaMariePhotography_0718QuiannaMariePhotography_0715Don’t let these beauties fool you! They are game for anything! We crossed this rushing river and trekked through thistles and high weeds to find the perfect locations!QuiannaMariePhotography_0713QuiannaMariePhotography_0714QuiannaMarie_0712QuiannaMariePhotography_0724QuiannaMariePhotography_0721Find your tribe and love them hard! QuiannaMariePhotography_0722QuiannaMariePhotography_0723

Thank you girls for such an incredible shoot! I look forward to capturing more memories as your gorgeous family grows!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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  1. Pamela (Andi's lucky Mother in law)

    May 11th, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous! Girls, scenery, photography….all of it! Another great job, Quianna Marie!