View More: can’t believe it has already been over two weeks since the #AJWorkshop! I frantically wanted to write up a blog during and minutes after the workshop, but as always I find myself blurting out my happiness and then as soon at my thoughts go LIVE I wish I had added more details or forget to mention important pieces.

So… I waited.

I filled up my Top Secret: Playbook with notes, doodles and ideas and took time to truly let everything sink in. Well, without further ado here’s a glimpse of my experience finallyyyy meeting Amy and Jordan!

I have been dreaming to meet them and attend their workshop for the past two years! As soon as my best friend moved to Arizona (near Scottsdale!!) I knew my chances to actually making this dream a reality would come true some day! I was anxious to meet them because I felt like I already knew them and wanted to soak up their business tips and experiences to share because they really do have something going on! Their business has been thriving and I find at least once a week their work is being published! (People Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Magazine – Just to name a few!)

Knowing that their background was in teaching and they exploded their business based on trial and error with the best intent to help and serve others, I knew they were my kind of people! I could relate to them and wanted to steer my business with their guidance. So I set my alarm to have the chance to purchase a seat to their 2016 Workshop and it was one of the BEST investments ever! (Right up there with my experience with Jasmine Star last year!)

Meeting them in person felt like I have known them forever. We were greeted with warm hugs and delicious donuts! YAY! Having a chance to get to know each other in a casual/mixer type of gathering was a great way to kick off the workshop. There were so many of us coming from all across the country and even Canada! Knowing that I got to spend the next two full days with creatives that get me was such an awesome feeling!

Day One consisted of photography and sharing their story – why they do what they do. Instead of just telling us their life story they shared thought bubbles and tools to help tell our own stories. This was huge! It made my head hurt… the good kind of brain exercises!

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Here’s Amy sharing tips on actual wedding struggles and how to delegate help! All day was FULL of ah-ha moments and I could literally see the lightbulbs going off all day in the room!

View More: instruction Amy taught behind her camera to share shooting tips and working with live models in a gorgeous stylized shoot! The rest of the day flew by as they went non-stop about photography. After all, we’re photographers, your photos should sell themselves and your brand will make them actually book! (Here’s my money! Take it NOW!)

Quianna Marie Photography - AmyJordan-2

After the indoor shoot we were off to capture the sunset! YES! Here we learned about lighting, posing, exposure and tips to help use the resources around you! Consistency is key in your images! Amy and Jordan taught us all about how to enhance our own styles instead of just copying their preferences.

Everything about this image is why I flew to Arizona. To see Amy and Jordan in action! They truly work together as a team and have fun doing it! Even if it takes sitting on your hubby’s shoulders to get the shot! So worth it! Jordan was laughing and smiling so much Amy had to ask him to stand still to get the shot as tac sharp as possible! HA!

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It’s amazing how many one liners that Amy shared while posing the couple turned into GAME CHANGERS! Just a tweak in your words to get the client exactly how you want them… what a difference!

Here’s the whole crew out in the Arizona sun!

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Day Two consisted of business and the client experience. This lesson plan could have been stretched out over a semester, but we only had one day! Honestly, as much as I was looking forward to the lavish styled shoot I was most interested in Day Two! I came eager to learn their behind the scenes magic and tricks to enhance the wedding experience. Check points to stay organized and the tools they use to have a social life despite their crazy work loads and traveling.

It’s amazing to realize that both days made it full circle. Shooting with the right settings will cut your editing time in half (if not more!), exceeding expectations, and simply being YOU will help your business succeed. Words can’t even scratch the surface of the knowledge, self esteem, and confidence this workshop left me with.

If you’re on the fence about attending the next workshop jump and run/fly/drive towards Amy and Jordan! I can guarantee it will be worth every penny. Since the workshop I have booked three more weddings at my highest rates and have the knowledge to help plan timelines for my current 2016 weddings to ensure amazing lighting and beautiful images. I also have more reviews and testimonials that I didn’t even ask for! Clients were so happy with their experience that they want to share with future brides! That right there is gold.


Thank you Amy and Jordan! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

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With love, QuiannaView More:

*More images to share soon! Since so many creatives collaborated to make this styled shoot come alive all participants are patiently waiting (and keeping our fingers crossed) for it to be published! Then we can blast all of our own images! YAY!

Education: Amy & Jordan’s Workshop

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