Consumed with wedding photography I thought it would be fun to share a classic throwback! Puffy sleeves, clip on ties and tap tap shoes. Those were the good ol’ days!


Today we cheers to my Dad.

Happy 54th Birthday!

image1 (1)

Here’s a photo of my baptism with Daddy’s cleanest shit kickers and slacks that were probably hemmed that morning.

I spent lotsĀ of my childhood in my dad’s arms and on his lap.

Not gunna lie, I was mostly eating or trying to see something from afar. But I vividly remember sitting on his lap just to talk. Talk about the day, crying over my brother running into me and even talking about the future. Just a typical country song about a man and his daughter sitting on his lap telling him what she wants to be when she grows up.

I am humbled to share that even as a little girl I remember telling him I wanted to be a photographer. Well a mommy first and then a photographer, to be exact.

Yes. I am a photographer. Full time international wedding + lifestyle photographer. Thanks for listening to me then Dad and thanks for listening to my prayers now.

Off to Original Joe’s to cheers to your beautiful life!

Love you forever and always,

Your Baby Girl


Birthday Wishes

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  1. Dianne Christian

    December 2nd, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    Our family will miss your Dad forever. Happy Birthday, Rog!