…Because it’s Wednesday.

It’s early for a Wednesday… I started my morning at 6:00am adjusting my eyes to my laptop while I’m wrapped in my cozy zebra blanket. I try my best to keep Wednesdays free from appointments so I can knock out as much post processing as possible. I love days like these!

Days that I respond with “nothing” when my boyfriend asks what I’m up to today. To some this could literally define nothing. But to me, oh it’s a day to play catch up. A morning to sip my hot chai latte in my over sized real tree (camo) sweatshirt. An afternoon to play catch up with laundry and truly execute a sweat in my living room trying to stick to this 30-Day Challenge I found on Instagram. A day to scroll through and turn the bold emails to opened!

It’s a day for me. A day to breathe.

A day to drag a line through as many To-Do’s on my list as possible.

Quianna Marie Photography - Flattrack - Kristine-40

As a full time photographer I have the opportunity to create these days. Something I have been praying for and working hard to achieve over the past 10 years!

In the past they were just hours our maybe even minutes in a day to play catch up, seconds to take a deep breath.

I challenge you to breathe. To be grateful for what you have as you pursue your next task/dream/goal. Life truly is just about the millions of seconds and breaths strung together. Make yours count.

With Love, Quianna Marie


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