Just off Summit Road this beautiful family calls a Christmas Tree Farm home. Little Kaylin is surrounded by so much love and happiness you can see it on her face! Such a doll with all smiles.


In the midst of crazy holiday shoots it’s always a pleasure to capture stories… So much more than just pictures. Hard working parents and a well trained puppy with their worlds revolving around their beautiful daughter… Really make the sweetest family ready for picture day!





Although children are born with their own personalities and temperaments I can’t help but notice the correlation of happy babies surrounded by the love and affection of their happy parents! I’m no scientist, nor do I have children of my own… but just with my observations  I can tell that the homes filled with love have the most comfortable, happy and simply adorable littles!QuiannaMarie_0362

Thanks so much for welcoming me to your mountain to capture a glimpse of your beautiful life! QuiannaMarie_0369

Happy Holidays!

With Love,

Quianna Marie

Holiday Session: The Agrillo Family

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