Tips for Selecting Your Photographer

The photography experience is so much more than pretty pictures! Whether you’re planning fun LinkedIn updates at the park, your granddaughter’s first birthday cake smash or your dream wedding, please take the time to get to know your photographer!02.07.14-177

Here are tips to help ensure you guys are the perfect fit…

  1. After a couple initial emails and possible phone calls you should have a good sense of their personality, however it would be wise to meet them in person before committing. After all next to your fiance you will be spending most of your wedding day with them by your side… or zooming in on you from a distance away!
  2. While searching through their website, Facebook and Instagram how do their photos make you feel? If they are gorgeous photographically that’s what they should be looking like in comparison to the hundreds of local photographers, but how do they speak to you? Do you feel emotions? Do you find yourself smiling, laughing, gasping with warm fuzzies? If not please keep searching.
  3. What is your style? What kind of photography are you looking for? Ask yourself these questions before pursuing photographers. Do you like the journalistic/documentary style? Classic pictures? Super artistic? Bright and airy pictures or dark and saturated? Once you have an idea of what you are looking for or what attracts you most then chase after your photographer!
  4. Ask around for referrals! Sometimes your best advice will come from a bride’s maid or groomsmen! Although the parents may be heavily influenced by the price tag, a trusty bride’s maid or bride herself will be happy to share how the photographer made them feel during their experience!
  5. Just how you fell in love with your fiance you should fall in love with your photographer. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the connection, but when you know you know!

02.07.14-156 (1)

Your photography experience should be fun, creative and and make time fly! Believe me, if you feel beautiful during your session your photos will show! Call me crazy, but your inner beauty will shine through like light beams out of your face! (Yes! It happens!)

With Love, Quianna Marie

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