Stress. Really it’s just a place.

Quianna Marie Events & Photography - Stress - New Almaden

I once came across the thought that stress really boils down to the wish of being somewhere else. Could stress really be a place? Like a location? No way.

Stress creates anxiety that makes everyone want to be doing something else at the exact same time. Through lack of planning, busy schedules, and everything being a high priority we literally run out of time to get everything done.

The moment I began to shift my thinking, to realize that the stuff I was stressing over (laundry, meal prepping, emails, client gifts, photo deadlines) will all get done eventually I just need to be home to do them was the moment the light bulb went on!


With just a little planning, optimism and delegating I began to complete the tasks I could at the time and list  everything to be done at my next stop. Whether it be the post office, my mom’s house or my own home office I will be there in time to make it happen. No sense in stressing over something that I can’t physically do at my current location.

Now since Stress is not a street, city, or state. I don’t plan on visiting any time soon!

Take a deep breath… Everything somehow miraculously gets done on time.

With Love, Quianna Marie

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