I bet the thought of having your fur babies on your wedding day gives you all the feels, possibly a feeling of anxiety, too! We all love our pets like they are family members… Why wouldn’t they be there to celebrate their humans getting married? Before you start to panic about the logistics, here’s three quick key tips about including your pups on your big day!


Consider asking a friend, neighbor or cousin to volunteer to be your dogs uber for the day! They can drop them off at your first look location and stick around until their debut down the aisle. Once they make their grand entrance you’ll want them to safely disappear. Someone your dog is familiar with that doesn’t mind missing an hour or so from your day will be perfect!


Ask your florist to create a floral collar or DIY a cute hanky or scarf for your pup! Warning: They may not be a fan of actually wearing it, but it’s worth a shot to celebrate your honorary flower pup or ring bearer.


Yes! Don’t forget to pack the best snacks to help keep your pup smiling towards the camera! Their humans are getting married, help them celebrate by gifting them a new toy, bone or their favorite puppy snacks. This is where your friend (puppy sitter) will come in handy to help distract your dog, too!


Nervous about getting your dress dirty or the thought of just having them their gives you anxiety? Consider including them during sunset photos! This way the majority of photos will be over with and all that you have left to do is cut the cake and dance the night away! You’ll want a couple sweet family pics with your pups and can just RELAX and enjoy the evening. Your photographer should be able to work quickly to snap a couple and send them on their way!

At the end of the day, your pups are family!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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