Phoenix Fashion Week hosted at The W in Scottsdale was such an incredible experience! Okay, that’s an understatement! Not only did I make instant new friends within huge networks in the Phoenix area, but Nelly also performed a surprise concert!!! Wait. It gets BETTER…


Let’s back up. So how did this all happen?

Well, it all ignited by my friend Jen… She sent me a facebook message to invite me to this event and to be added to the guest list. She knew I was new to the Phoenix area and this would be a great opportunity to meet local creatives and really, just have a fun night out in Scottsdale. Within my super stoked response I asked if I could bring my camera! I offered to shoot behind the scenes photos and capture insta stories for Elevee. Jen made it clear that there wasn’t anything extra in the budget for me to be compensated for my photos, but I pushed through and invited myself anyway! After playing phone tag with two gentlemen running the show they hooked me up with a media pass and I was welcomed with open arms!

Thanks to one of my long time fashion idols Lovely Thia I have experience working runway shows, but this was my first time out in Scottsdale with a whole new fashion culture and crowd! It’s funny how much models love the camera… no one questioned me taking photos, in fact everyone back stage was friendly and grateful for photos backstage other than iPhone pics and snapchats! I instantly made new friends and had so much fun bouncing around getting to know the models, stylists and hustlers making this production come to life!

I was able to deliver the images the next day and Sunday I got a text from Percy with Elevee that there was an emergency with the photos. While I was on my way home from a Spring Training game (Giants vs A’s) my heart sank. I freaked out, just to learn that there was trouble downloading the images and Nelly‘s manager was eager to post an image. ONE OF MY PHOTOS!

I panicked. I freaked out. I cried. I couldn’t believe it.

Not only did he post one, but TWO! I lost it. Soon all of my friends and family were screen shotting, sharing, texting and calling! My uncle even called to ask “Baby, I’m proud of you! Who’s Nelly?” It was incredible! One thing that I found crazy was that everyone was asking if I got an influx in followers… They wanted to know how quickly my following grew! When in reality I don’t think I gained more than 10 new followers!

What I did notice though was the outpour of love and excitement from my tribe. High school teachers, old prom dates, extended cousins, Trader Joe’s Crew Members, life long friends, instagram friends and new friends celebrated with me and we’re STILL talking about it! I can’t help but get the chills just thinking of how grateful I am for such a supportive and loving tribe.

Moral of the Novel: Show up. Share your talents. Be kind. Make things happen for yourself! Thank you Percy Knox and Brian Hall for welcoming me and showcasing such an epic fashion show!

Phoenix Fashion Show Week 2019 by Quianna Marie

Elektrodance Crew As Seen on NBC World of Dance

Professional Athletes Melvin Fowler + Archie Bradley

Thank you everyone for helping to keep this dream alive! The best part about being a photographer is being versatile and shooting from the heart!

Were you modeling, attending or styling this evening? Send me an email and I can share images!



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Phoenix Fashion Week | The W Scottsdale

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