Over the last couple of years I have been an avid podcast listener. Business tips, marketing advice and entrepreneur strategies keep me entertained while I’m plugged into my laptop.

This year while attending the United conference hosted by Showit, I had the opportunity to chat with Nathan Holritz! Talk about being *starstruck* for my wedding photography industry! I still can’t believe I even had this opportunity! On the podcast we’re chatting about pursuing my business, personal interests, acts of service that have nothing to do with photography and chatting more about how to genuinely turn bridesmaids into future brides!


Bokeh Podcast | Quianna Marie


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Are you leveraging your bride’s network of friends for the growth of your wedding business? Where there is a bride, there’s typically a bridesmaid.

In episode 205 of the Bokeh Podcast, Quianna Marie shares how building trust and growing relationships with the bridesmaids at your weddings can help convert them into your clients. Listen in as she shares a few key ideas to help build that trust, while also creating a better client experience overall.

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Time Technique:

Stack your days with related tasks.

Give yourself buffer time to breathe and reflect between tasks.

Add an extra day to your work travel for vacation time so you can relax.

Book Recommendations: Magnolia Table by Johanna Gains

Brand Position: Focusing on the love between couples, but also helping people achieve the dreams the long for.

The Lesson: You can’t please everyone.

The Gear Bag: 50mm

Converting Bridesmaids to Brides:

1. Utilize social media before the wedding day by requesting wedding hashtags, commenting on photos under that hashtag (and the bridesmaids in it), and tagging the bride.

2. Blanket acts of service throughout the day by sharing mints, fetching waters, refilling champagne glasses, and helping anyone who needs it.

3. Offer “Prom Photos” for bridesmaid and their dates.

Tips for Engaging Wedding Guests: Offer access to the wedding gallery through a text opt-in. This will lead to more exposure and potentially more print sales.

Thank you Nathan and Photographer’s Edit for this amazing opportunity, I appreciate it more than you know!

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