Y’all know how much I am obsessed with barns, tree lined driveways and big windows! Pair that with my passion for photography and I bet you know what goes through my mind all day and what keeps me up all night. Yep, everyday I’m striving to create the ultimate wedding venue and although it feels like a WILD + CRAZY dream… it’s ultimately a goal with a check list. I’ve been pretty quiet about it lately, knowing that I have to put the work in and share what I accomplished… instead of just chatting about my dreams! But this announcement is something I COULDN’T HOLD IN ANY LONGER! (In my Monica Gellar voice!)

Clearly, if you know me at all… you know how much I adore Chip + Joanna Gaines. Their hearts, passions and lifestyle are admirable and I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity that Chip just launched…

Chip Gaines | #chipstarter

As much as I’ve been busting my butt and never losing sight on the big picture… When I saw this opportunity I literally cried. I was out in the garden just sipping coffee and watering my succulents when Auntie Cindy mentioned it might be a good idea to check my email. “Chip just sent something out to his mailing list that I think you should check out.” Without hesitation I scrolled through my emails to find this hidden gem. Chip was looking for me!

Okay. Yes, that’s a little extreme, but if you click the photo above you’ll be able to see his launch of Chipstarter 2.0! Chip’s looking for dreamers that need a little nudge to help launch their biggest goals + aspirations. I literally cried.

This Labor Day Weekend, typically saved for family BBQ’s, buzzed days on the boat and just relaxing was all traded to throw together this submission video! I couldn’t help but TRY!

My best friend and I will be gathering all of our talents, fears + wedding experience into one big ball and throwing it in the air with a prayer. Together this dream can actually come true within the next year or two… not something that needs to wait until we’re in our 50’s! Just two best friends that want to live our best life while creating a space + experience for families to experience the best day of theirs!

We simply asked Chip to help with the blue prints. The finances will come when we’re ready, but the ticket we truly need to kick things off are the plans! It’s literally a never ending race track trying to figure apply for the loan, scope out the PERFECT location, ensure proper zoning + everything in between. Much like, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?!” Having the blue prints will help calculate our budget, make sure we’re up to code and Chip’s the man to help! Combining both home + commercial design we couldn’t think of a better fit than Chip to help with this launch!

Although the chances to win are slim to none… I couldn’t help but put ourselves out there and step up to the plate. Maybe we’ll strike out or maybe hit it out of the park! But knowing me, we’ll get a ground out to short! After all, I do have a wedding booked the weekend of the Silobration and my brides will always come FIRST as I pursue this dream. What the hell, I made it on the #chipstarter website and couldn’t be MORE EXCITED!!!!



If you could, please take just 2 minutes to watch + comment on the youtube video! This may (maybe not) help with submissions, but at least it will keep the buzz going and help bring our video to the top of the playlist! I’m so incredibly blessed to have you support our wildest dreams and love sharing this roller coaster of a ride! It’s only the beginning and I can’t wait see what’s ahead!

Thank you!!!!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

XOXO, Quianna


Chip, I Have A Dream

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