Not only have you been dreaming of your wedding since the 3rd grade, but within the last year as you have been planning your wedding, I bet you didn’t realize all of the million decisions, options and overwhelming moments that need your attention!?

Well, after years and years of experiencing the chaos of getting ready rooms, I thought it would be fun to share some insight about things most brides forget to think of for the morning of their wedding!

5 Things Most Brides Forget

The Morning of Their Wedding

1. Lunch

Yes, this may sound silly, but it’s true! Most brides and parents remember fresh fruit and bagels for the morning, but when your ceremony isn’t starting til 4pm or later… you and the entire wedding party are going to need a hefty lunch! Sandwichs, wraps or chicken salads work wonders! You’ll need something to settle the bubbles + nerves in your tummy!


2. Plenty of Water

I know, I know this all sounds so simple, but don’t forget plenty of water! Wether you pick up a case of water for the getting ready room or bring your reusable water jugs… just don’t forget water!


3. Playlist + Speakers

Music sets the mood in the morning and starts your morning with a good vibe. Ask a bridesmaid to come up with a playlist and ensure you have a speaker to play your jams. I suggest a mix of fun wedding songs and your high school favorites. You’ll want something loud with a crisp sound, not blaring from your phone.


4. Invitation Suite

Every photographers dream is to start the day with all the pretty details. Include 2-3 left over invitations suites for your photographer to play with. It’s best to have a couple in case some of the stationery is written on the front and back of one page. This helps create your color story, perfect way to start your day!


5. Deodorant

This is probably the number one thing that brides forget! Either it’s lost in a bag or completely forgotten. I can’t tell you how many times brides frantically ask their bridesmaids to borrow theirs! You’re going to want to feel and smell like you on your big day! Don’t forget to throw it in your bag!


Bonus Tip: Make Time

You may have to wake up and start the day a bit earlier, but don’t forget to make time to breathe, soak up the morning with your favorite girls and simply enjoy every little moment. Soon you’ll be on your way to the first look and the rest of your day will be a blur. There’s nothing more valuable than time well spent on your wedding day!

Anything else you or a friend forgot? I would love to know so we can help each other out! Just comment below with a MUST HAVE for your wedding morning…


With Love, Quianna Marie

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5 Things Most Brides Forget The Morning of Their Wedding

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