Gathered with their closest family and friends Jasmine + Joe promised forever with spectacular views at Willow Heights Mansion. Nestled on a ridge in Morgan Hill this mansion set the tone for a beautiful blush and blue wedding. To know Jasmine + Joe is to know love. Joe’s got that quiet swag with a cracked smile, the kind of best friend that’s always aware of what’s going on and will do anything for you. Jasmine has the sweetest personality that doesn’t just meet new friends with a smile, she makes you want to be her BEST friend! Individually they are kind hearted and loving, ┬átogether they are even more powerful and amazing. Truly the perfect pair.

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Thank you Jasmine + Joe for always making me feel like family and including me on the happiest day of your lives… yet!! Love you, too SO MUCH!

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Blush + Blue Willow Heights Mansion Wedding | Jasmine + Joe | Quianna Marie

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