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Just when I thought I was floating above water and finally got a handle on instagram engagement and facebook ads this new platform slam dunks me back into the water to learn something NEW! Of course I was hesitant to jump on board and add yet another check point on my mile long list of to-dos… this (sorta) new outlet has taken me by a storm and I’m totally obsessed! I am learning all about it as I go… So I thought it would be fun to share what I learned so far and how I believe it can revolutionize your business… again!


  1. Mini Podcast
  2. Tool To Get Your Voice Heard
  3. Ability To Quickly Share
  4. Available Everywhere (like the radio!)
  5. All On Your Phone!!


This is where I come in to share a list of inspiration to get your voice on Anchor! If you’re nervous to kick off… check out what’s already playing now! Listen, gain insight and get inspired! Start off once a week, a couple times a day or even dive head first and go daily! Once you’re ready to go live consider these ideas to get you started…


Yes! Take this opportunity to simply dig up old blog posts and read them out loud to your anchor channel! I bet hundreds of your followers, family and friends have only seen a fraction of your posts! Use that to your advantage to bring them back to life!


Think of weekly topics for your ideal clients and stick to that routine! It will help you stay accountable and keep that open invitation for others to find you! Example: Motivation Mondays, Wedding Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, yea???? You can totally do it!


Instagram craves authenticity, Facebook loves to remind us of memories of the past for a reason! It’s what people want to see! So… use this to your advantage to tell your story. Consider a weekly #fridayintroductions or just share about your adventures and inspire others to get outside, learn from your mistakes or celebrate your wins! You could dive deep about your personal history or mix it up and share your favorite things or how you like your coffee! The possibilities are endless! If you are your own brand this could totally be worth that jump off the high dive to connect!

Pro Tip: Once your Anchor is posted you can link your episode to your email marketing campaigns, linkt.ree, facebook and #allthethings to spread the word! So many people are on the go that it would sooooo helpful to allow them to click and listen while they’re in action!

If you’re still on the fence check out this vlog by Natalie Franke:

Click Here to Learn More and Get Started TODAY!Click Here to Learn More and Get Started TODAY!

Also, here’s a sample RECAP of this exact blog post to share the power of Anchor!

(Don’t mind that moment at the end when I literally think I’m talking on the phone! Insert: palm to face!)

Hope to hear you soon!

With love, Quianna Marie

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  1. Mia

    August 9th, 2017 at 7:56 am

    I’m really working on my written blog content and my Instagram, but Anchor sounds like an awesome app to explore down the road! Thanks for sharing your insight on how to get the most out of the app