It’s that time of year… Maybe it’s our age or maybe there’s something in the water, but weddings are contagious! If you have a big group of girl friends, BFF coworkers and a large extended family I’m sure it can be overwhelming trying to plan, save and attend all of the awesome #bachparties while still being able to afford the bridesmaid dress!

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So brides and MOH’s here’s some great options for FUN and AFFORDABLE Bachelorette Celebrations!

AirBNB Stay-cation $$$

Check out a local AirBNB house or cottage in your home town or within an hour of your house! You will be amazed on how many great options you have in your very own backyard! This local vacay is super budget friendly and bridesmaids approve of fun sleep overs! Plan an adventure day window shopping and bar hopping and end the night with wine and movies. Netflix and chill with your girls for the WIN!

Cabin Adventure $$$

Ask a family friend to share their cabin or book a secluded mountain house for a night! Break out the books, blankets and snacks for a relaxing and quiet getaway.

Wine Tasting Tour $$

With a small chunk of change split between your girls and a couple favorite aunties rent a limo for a couple hours and tour 2-3 of your local wineries! This is a great way to get out in the sunshine and experience a fun day together with your girls, without having to book the whole weekend!

Back Yard Brunch $

Keep it simple and luxurious at the same time while hosting a great day drinking party with your favorite girls! Ask your besties to dress up in coordinating colors and plan a styled shoot! The girls will love the attention to detail and have a blast documenting your special day!

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Tips to Keep it Budget Friendly:

  1. Stay LOCAL! Your girlfriends will thank you for saving them a flight, new outfits and extra traveling expenses.
  2. Getaways are FUN and super exciting, but so is day drinking in your aunt’s gorgeously landscaped backyard! Keep your bachelorette celebration to ONE day drinking day to help a sista out!
  3. Delegate duties and expenses with the bridesmaids. They were asked to be a part of the wedding party for a reason and should totally step up to help with the cash collection and cheese plate to share!


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