Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ever wonder were some of these wedding traditions rooted from? Well the Irish have a couple that I see often in weddings! Here’s just a couple to share today!

Tying the Knot

In this ancient Celtic tradition, the hands of the bride and groom are literally tied together (held hands) to symbolize the joining of husband and wife. It’s the origin of the phrase “tying the knot.”


Lucky Irish Horseshoe 

The horseshoe turned upside-down in a “U” shape symbolizes good luck. If tipped the luck will run out! In many cultures, hanging a horseshoe over a door was thought to bring good luck to the occupants.

This tradition appears into weddings, too. Brides would carry a horseshoe on their wedding day to bring good luck to the occasion and, by extension, the rest of the marriage. Carrying around a lump of agricultural iron isn’t exactly convenient.

Today brides of Celtic nations carry around small symbols of the horseshoe, made of silver, or porcelain, tucked away in the bouquet or as jewelry instead of lugging around a hefty lump of metal.


Locking The Door

Since Irish men were known for getting cold feet on their wedding day, once the bride and groom were inside, the guests would lock the church door to keep the groom inside to make sure he went through with the ceremony. This also kept late guests from entering!


Thank goodness all of my grooms feel like the luckiest guys in the world to marry their brides! No one has yet, tried to escape before the ceremony!

Wishing you and your family a life of luck, rainbows, and gold. GOLD BABY!

With love, Quianna Marie


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Irish Wedding Traditions

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