This year has been a whirlwind! Looking over these photos I can’t help but smile and reflect on the fact that during all of these weddings my heart felt laughter and warm memories in the making! Thank you to all of my couples for making my dreams come true! I learned a lot this year, challenged myself and invested so much in education… I can’t wait to tackle 2017 with a whole new perspective! It was impossible to share ALL of my favorites… or I would have your thumb scrolling for miles! So here’s a small collection of my highlight real of the year!

QuiannaMariePhotography_0814Quianna Marie Photography - Mt. Winery - The Meadow Bridal Event-4quiannamariephotography_1260quiannamariephotography_1182QuiannaMariePhotography_0850quiannamariephotography_1186quiannamariephotography_1199QuiannaMariePhotography_0863quianna-marie-photography-lindsay-tony-blog-63quiannamariephotography_1389quiannamariephotography_1396QuiannaMariePhotography_1106quiannamariephotography_1383QuiannaMariePhotography_0867quiannamariephotography_1388quiannamariephotography_1269quiannamariephotography_1221quiannamariephotography_1395quiannamariephotography_1391QuiannaMariePhotography_0894Quianna Marie Photography - Lindsay + Tony - Sneak Peek-2QuiannaMariePhotography_0789QuiannaMariePhotography_0869quiannamariephotography_1386quiannamariephotography_1245quiannamariephotography_1384quiannamariephotography_1287QuiannaMariePhotography_1078quiannamariephotography_1286QuiannaMariePhotography_0904quiannamariephotography_1212quiannamariephotography_1392QuiannaMariePhotography_1079QuiannaMariePhotography_0811QuiannaMariePhotography_1033quiannamariephotography_1235quiannamariephotography_1390quiannamariephotography_1394QuiannaMariePhotography_1112quiannamariephotography_1385quiannamariephotography_1289quiannamariephotography_1228postquianna-marie-photography-second-shooter-for-natalie-909QuiannaMariePhotography_0885Quianna Marie Photography - Castillo - The Guys-128Quianna Marie Photography - Lindsay + Tony - Sneak Peek-4behind


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and following along with me on this journey! I couldn’t imagine living my life any other way than with my camera in my hand, a happy heart and the biggest cheesiest smile across my face!

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