Photographer Files: 5 Tips for Posing with Your Pups | Quianna Marie Photography

posingwithpupsAnxious to photograph your fur babies for a family portrait or engagement session, but stressed out about the thought of having to pose with them? No worries! These helpful tips will ensure a stress free and fun session with your pups!

5 Tips for Posing with Your Pups

  1. Leashes. Don’t forget to grab these and consider a nice solid leather brown or black leash for photos. Those hot pink or star wars themed leashes are the best, but not always for photos.
  2. Pack their favorites! Balls, toys and treats… something to get their attention.
  3. Plan to arrive to your photo location 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. This allows your pups to run around, sniff and acclimate to all of the new smells and excitement!
  4. Don’t forget water! They will be thirsty and often endure a long car ride.
  5. Most importantly bring a friend/mom/sister to tag along! We will start portraits without your pups so you can get comfortable and crush the nerves before we throw the rambunctious fur babies into the mix! I’m a dog lover, but it’s incredibly helpful to have another helping hand not only to take the dogs for a walk while we shoot without them, but also to hold the treats behind my back! Works like a charm every time!

quiannamariephotography_1258Please remember that my job as your photographer is to capture the love and happiness between your whole family! As long as we have fun and catch some natural candids I can guarantee you’ll love your photos!quiannamariephotography_1253

With love, Quianna Marie

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