Wedding: Jackie + Connie

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt loved?  Within seconds felt full acceptance, unconditionally loved, and simply amazing? Jackie and Connie are the kind of souls that make you want to hop in a time machine so you can meet them sooner! The kind of people that you want to join on fun Friday nights, lazy Sundays, holidays and taco Tuesdays! Really. Any excuse to surround yourself with their contagious laughs, warm hugs and friendly personalities!

Surrounded by their closest family and friends, it was evident why they have hearts of gold. Everyone attending supported them unconditionally and cheered them on as they celebrated the beginning of their happily ever after. Words can’t even describe my gratitude for simply being in the presence of so much love and graciousness.


Such proud Daddy’s… Seriously the sweetest father daughter dance ever!


Many wishes to the new Mrs. and Mrs. Gonzalez!

Lots of love, Quianna Marie

Venue: Palo Alto University Club


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