Just last weekend we celebrated Lauren’s 25th Birthday with a backyard fiesta! With so many friends that live out of town or are busy with travel plans during the summer she was concerned she had no friends to attend a fun birthday celebration. Now in my family birthdays are kind of big deal and my brother was determined to throw his girlfriend a fun party AND make it work!

Of course he kept it vague… sharing only the location and time and asked her to wear a cute BBQ dress, nothing fancy and even grab an extra bag for clothes. Now for Lauren the panic and excitement set in as she really had no idea what to expect! Extra clothes? What does that even mean!?!

Here’s how the day unfolded…


Lauren hates cake so every year I get creative with fruit! Last year I made the cutest fruit cake made of all fruit!! This year I came up with fruit cup cakes!


Can you tell this was hosted at a boy’s house?


These water balloons are a GAME CHANGER!


Brother was in charge of margaritas!


Let the fun drinking games commence!


It was SO windy that Lauren got crafty with her sombrero!


Later we gathered everyone outside for a fun announcement for Lauren. She came out the back door looking confused… and then THIS!



Well of course we NEEDED a piñata for her fiesta party!


Right after a couple swing she knocked the head right off! Mikey wasn’t ready to call it quits! So he tied it back up for his turn!


When you turn 25 you get tiny bottles of liquor in your piñata! YES!


Not gunna lie I was really impressed with my stick decorating skills!


This is what happens when your sister is a wedding photographer… these two are experts at this pose!


Clearly Lauren had a big crew to celebrate!


So much love to you Lauren! Cheers to TWENTY FIVE!

With Love,

Quianna Marie

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Happy 25th Birthday Lauren!

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  1. Demi Nguyen

    July 21st, 2016 at 7:25 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks for capturing the best fiesta ever!!