Last Saturday was another race down in the books for my brother Mikey! With matching shirts and high spirits we were READY! Flattracking is sort of a hidden gem within the racing community. It has been a part of our family tradition since before we were born! Daddy would race in circles at the barn burners and Brother started racing at the wee age of 4-ish! The beauty of this sport is that it’s a family sport lasting generations. It’s a loving community with the the biggest hearts. Don’t let the tough guys fool you… they truly are the kindest and most generous men I know.  Plus! They all remember Daddy and took on the roles of Uncles in disguise! QuiannaMarie_0582

This is what happens when I whip out my camera and start shooting… then I give him the look. There’s that smile!



In the years past Brother used to take a blade and shave the sides of his tires, now he found this awesome cheese grader thing for them!


Go Ricky! -Another family friend that killed it!QuiannaMarie_0580

Now I’m getting the look… Yes! I’m here loaded and in position 🙂QuiannaMarie_0583


Lauren found the cutest sticker ever! She’s the most amazing pit girlfriend! We even had cucumber and fruit slices to snack on!


Everyone loved our shirts and wanted to know where to buy them!


Good luck kisses from Nani before the race!


We have the best friends that we call family.


This face. In case you haven’t been formerly introduced… Meet Jameson, my nephew! Brother and his best friend Frank look like they could brothers so I have adopted Jameson as one of our own! From now on to keep things short, I’m just self appointing myself as Auntie Qui-Qui!


The noise scared him at first… but then as soon it was Mikey’s turn to race…


Thank you all for such a fun family night with all of the support for Mike! Looking forward to next year! To view the whole gallery from this event, click here.

With Love, Quianna Marie

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San Jose Indoor Flattrack 2016

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