Wedding Wednesday: Lovely Lace

One trend that I notice brides falling in love with is lace… Pretty. Classic. Timeless.

Quianna Marie Photography - Bargetto Winery - Stylized-115

Delicate and intricate lace to offer just enough of a conservative style, while still showing off your silhouette. I am obsessed with this look and I am happy lace is making a comeback!

Before I was a full time wedding photographer I never noticed these bridal trends. Every wedding I attended the brides had completely different styles!  Once I started to notice the trends it was apparent that rings, bridesmaids colors, and even wedding gowns come in waves of similarities.

Thankfully I have the opportunity to work with brides that think outside of the box.

#QMPbrides take risks, while still staying true to their individual personality and styles. There is nothing I love more than photographing natural beauty. When someone looks at their photos I want them to gasp, “Ahh you look amazing!” I never want friends and family to exclaim, “Wow! You look amazing! That doesn’t even look like you!”

Is that a back handed compliment or what?

I take pride in capturing pure emotion and just so happen to be obsessed with lace!

Hope you have a fabulous day!

With Love, Quianna

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