Happy Spring GIVEAWAY!

Happy 1st Day of Spring! I would like to believe that spring is my favorite time of year… green rolling hills, tiny buds blooming, and happy birds chirping away in the trees! YES! I love it! But then again I love when all seasons change! Living in California we usually only notice the seasons changing by what’s plastered in front of Target!

According to my calendar it’s the first day of spring and since I believe in celebrating every tiny thing I am happy to announce a super fun GIVEAWAY!


Here’s how it works…

Hop on over to instagram and follow @quiannamariephotography 

Follow the instructions for this picture above and voila you have a chance to win a beautiful bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers! Who wouldn’t want a fresh bundle of joy hand delivered?

Winner will be randomly selected this Thursday, March 24th!

Please feel free to gift to your mama, a much deserving boss lady friend or even keep them for yourself!


With Love, Quianna Marie

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