“A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.” -Unknown


Happy Wednesday Friends!

Last night as I was up scrolling through Pinterest I came across this little gem and couldn’t wait to share! Lately, I have been feeling like parts of me are succeeding and parts are just a hot mess. As soon as I get a check in the mail, three more bills are tucked in the pile. Just when I share a beautiful image from a recent shoot, I can’t help but cringe that my desk (dining room table) is a mess. Ring stained coffee cups, receipts, thank you note crafty paper and even a box of unopened Valentine’s Day chocolates clutter my desk.

Reading that quote above was truly a breath of fresh air. Knowing that not everything needs to perfect to be appreciated and realizing that somewhere someone is always watching and admiring. There are some things that get overlooked, but that just means that your priorities are shifted. That’s okay!

As far as I’m concerned I value a blossoming, bright, and flourishing garden over a mended/brand new fence that blocks a garden I didn’t even know existed.

Cheers to another day and planting our seeds for the future!

With love,


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Friendship and Flowers

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