Definition of a Photographer: Resourceful

We’ve all been there… Crowded hotel rooms. Dated wall paper. You name it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my brides, mothers and even other vendors, “Don’t worry, I got this. I promise these distractions (insert: Forever21 bags, Startbucks cups, plastic dress covers, etc) are invisible. You won’t even know they’re here… Just have a little faith.”

Sometimes we have to be magicians and see things people can’t see. Well for the purpose of this post we don’t see things others see.

Here’s what I mean…image1 (1)

Walking into a small, dark hotel room filled with 6 bridesmaids, 3 hair stylists and one make up artist (one of the bridesmaids) along with a boyfriend delivering Starbucks, mothers popping in and out… it was packed!

Yep, I found the best and only good lighting in the room near the window, cleared a small portion of the bed, and collected the details to shoot. Standing at an angle to allow the best light to shine through I literally zoomed up at zeroed in on the shoes!

This is what I came up with…

Quianna Marie Photography - Elicra + Jaques-4

Although the white bed spread was classic and clean the soft pink and texture of the bridesmaids shawls made the perfect backdrop!

Driving on the way to the church (as a passenger) I completely forgot to photograph the boutonnieres! In a panic I shot them on my lap!


Using the flat surface of their guest book (an album I created using their engagement pictures!) I placed it under my dress and ruffled the fabric to give it some depth.

…And BOOM!

Quianna Marie Photography - Elicra + Jaques-5

I get it… I used to look at other photographers and envy their wedding venues. Dream about those magical locations and ceremonies. Have a little faith that they also make the best of every situation!

Check your surroundings, find the light, clear a small space and work your magic.

I believe in the power of working with what you got!

Best of luck!


Quianna Marie

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