This weekend I had the honor to attend a wedding as a guest. I replaced my camera with a glass of wine and walked around with a ridiculously handsome groom’s man on my arm. Although my insides were torn between grabbing my camera to document the lavish wedding, it was an experience of a lifetime and I’m so glad I decided to take a rest and experience my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding as his date! With family and friends from all corners of the world we celebrated the union of Emilie and Struan! We met beautiful souls that instantly turned into family and shared a wedding week(end) filled with love, laughter, British accents and memories to last a lifetime!


Experiencing the wedding unfold as a guest gave me a whole new perspective on wedding photography and life in front of the scenes… instead of the high adrenaline behind the scenes game time feeling! I must say… although my heart ached to capture photographs it was a blast to celebrate with my date and made me fall in love with him all over again. Thanks to the Johnson family for as always making me feel like family and to the Pires family for welcoming me into your family as well!

Stay tuned for more photography opportunities over seas soon! We now have family all over the world!

Cheers to family and making our humongous world seem so tiny!

Love Always,

Quianna Marie


  1. You guys look great! I think it’s so important that we as photographers take every chance we can to attend as guests. Honestly, doing this gives me a greater appreciation for photographers, helps me to remember when I was a bride, and allows me to remember the feeling of the guest experience. Great job fighting the urge to turn into a second (or third?) shooter!


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