Quianna Marie Photography - Tony + Lindsay Engagement-31First of all… Congratulations on your new RING!

Engagement sessions are designed to express the love you two have for each other in this very moment as well as capture your unique personalities. This session is not something to panic about, have your man dread, or stress about what to wear. As long as you’re well prepared and know what to expect I promise it will actually be a lot of fun!

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Where to start?

First of all we select a day typically six to eight months in advance of your wedding date. This allows plenty of time for save the dates and also can create a different look during the seasons. Each session takes about an hour long and ideally starts 2 hours prior to sunset. Check out this awesome sunset calculator to find out what time the sun sets. My photography style depends on the natural sunlight, which is why it’s vital to arrive on time. Once the sun sets it’s a wrap!

Location. Location. Location.

Brides often come to me knowing exactly what they want, others are overwhelmed with options, and some simply have no idea where to begin.  Please remember that these are YOUR photos and should be a reflection of you guys. If you imagine a winery with a country flare, downtown feel, an arcade, or even your own back yard the possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that the background is literally just the background. The focus will be on you two and most of the images will have a blurred back ground. Either way I want you and your family to look back on these images and think “Wow! This is so YOU!”

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What to wear. What not to wear.

Many couples opt for two outfit changes, one cute and casual and the other dressed up to the nines. Some can’t even pick out an outfit to save their life. My best advise is to select something you feel beautiful in. Solid colors always look best and avoid large logos or text on clothes. Try to complement one another, but not be too matchy-matchy. If you are having a hard time picking something that goes well with each other we suggest starting with the dude. Guys usually have limited selections in their closet and the girls can almost always tie something together to match. Due to time constraints with the sun we only allow up to two outfits. Please keep in mind that depending on our location there might not be bathrooms near by or we could have walked a good distance from the car so it might be a good idea to wear something underneath you feel comfortable doing a quick change!

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Also, your shoot will be an adventure and it’s hard to predict exactly where we’ll end up finding the perfect location. If you’re planning to wear heels or wedges we suggest packing flats to walk comfortably in between locations.

Traditionally brides usually decide to wear white… but don’t be afraid of COLOR! Simply adding a bright cardigan, chunky and funky necklace or a pop of color on shoes will add saturation and life to your photographs.

Wedding Trial

It helps to think of this shoot as a mini practice session for your big day. We suggest going all out with hair and make up professionally done. This may add to the initial investment, but it will pay off, we promise! Having a trial run with your stylist and make up artist is a great way to see exactly how they will photograph. Maybe you’ll find that you’ll want more of a dramatic look for your wedding or maybe your love will hate the taste of that lipstick and will avoid extra  kisses on your wedding day! (I’ve seen it happen!) Either way it’s a great opportunity to see the full wedding effect in natural light and in pictures.

I also suggest springing for a manicure as well. This engagement session is just as much about you two as your ring! Having close up shots of your hands will be a must and you’ll want to show off that rock!

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What to bring?

I suggest a blanket or something to sit on you don’t mind getting dirty. Banners with dates and cute sayings are also adorable. Accessories or fun things that will help tell your love story are always a good idea. However, there really is no need to get carried away with props and things, simply the two of you will be just enough.

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Looking forward to your shoot!

With Love, Quianna Marie

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