Before the ceremony Sophia shared a special first look with her father. Standing across the room facing the wall Sophia tiptoed over to tap his shoulder. With one swift turn her Daddy’s jaw dropped. She looked him in the eye and asked, “Okay Daddy, are you ready to give me away?” He chuckled and said, “Well, I think I wanna keep you now!” They both laughed, then cried and laughed some more!

The Grand Island Mansion was the perfect venue for Sophia’s visions. Together her and her soul mate celebrated¬†their love by stepping back in time. Back to the 1920’s with classic drinks, a remarkably draped reception space and timeless mansion. Just wait until you see these details!

quiannamariephotography_1203quiannamariephotography_1204quiannamariephotography_1205quiannamariephotography_1208quiannamariephotography_1242quiannamariephotography_1207quiannamariephotography_1209quiannamariephotography_1206quiannamariephotography_1210quiannamariephotography_1211quiannamariephotography_1212quiannamariephotography_1215quiannamariephotography_1214quiannamariephotography_1213quiannamariephotography_1216quiannamariephotography_1217Four bells! If you have ever worked for Trader Joe’s you know that means ALL hands on deck! This is exactly what Sophia’s girls did for the final touches before Efren got to see her!quiannamariephotography_1218quiannamariephotography_1219quiannamariephotography_1220quiannamariephotography_1221quiannamariephotography_1222quiannamariephotography_1223quiannamariephotography_1224Their hand written vows were sweet, enduring and absolutely them. Trips to Home Depot, DIY craft messes and The Warriors were mentioned… So true to their hearts!quiannamariephotography_1225quiannamariephotography_1226quiannamariephotography_1227All the way down the aisle after being announced Mr. and Mrs. Caliva, Efren couldn’t stop showing off his new RING! Every frame has a bit of a tiny blur on his hand from so much excitement on his finger!¬†quiannamariephotography_1228quiannamariephotography_1229quiannamariephotography_1230quiannamariephotography_1231quiannamariephotography_1232quiannamariephotography_1233quiannamariephotography_1234quiannamariephotography_1235quiannamariephotography_1244quiannamariephotography_1243quiannamariephotography_1236quiannamariephotography_1239quiannamariephotography_1240quiannamariephotography_1245quiannamariephotography_1237quiannamariephotography_1238

The rest of the night guests danced the night away! With so much attention to detail, would you have ever guessed Sophia was an interior designer? YES! No wonder everything was so gorgeous!

Thank you Sophia and Efren for selecting me to capture your beautiful day and the beginning of your happily ever after!

With love, Quianna Marie

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  1. claudia galata

    October 11th, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    The pictures look amazing ,what a wonderful job!

  2. Efren Caliva

    October 13th, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Great pictures, Quianna! Thank you so much for capturing these pictures on such an important day.